cherry orchard

The introduction to my chapter on leadership in my follow up book on wellbeing in dementia

“All Russia is our orchard. The earth is so wide, so beautiful, so full of wonderful places. [Pause]. Just think, Anya. Your grandfather, your great-grandfather and all your ancestors owned serfs, they owned human souls. Don’t you see that from every cherry-tree in the orchard, from every leaf and every trunk, men and women are […]


A prism of view of ‘dementia’ which is binary does not do anyone any favours

People like to make mental shortcuts. Known as ‘heuristics’, they are convenient tools to save time and energy. For example, when you’re buying a new tablet, you might be really biased towards one which can show photographs in very high resolution. The word “dementia” itself is a shortcut for people to summarise the fundamental way […]


The Dementia Alliance International is not a convenient marketing tool for dementia salesmen

The following is the draft of an extract from my chapter “Stigma, citizenship and living better with dementia” in “Living better with dementia: how champions can break down the barriers”, by Shibley Rahman with Forewords by Prof Alistair Burns, Kate Swaffer and Chris Roberts.   The really important question therefore is: how can people living […]

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My first ‘Dementia Friends’ session is tomorrow. Please sign up.

My first @DementiaFriends session is tomorrow. “Dementia Friends” is a national initiative from the Alzheimer’s Society and Public Health England. This session will be 45 minutes only, after which anyone who wishes to have one will receive a ‘Dementia Friends’ badge. One problem though: you must sign up on the Dementia Friends website for you […]


Inspirational people in dementia? I know them when I see them.

My interest in dementia started about 17 years when a graduate student in cognitive neurology at the University of Cambridge. There’s one thing I can say about brilliant people. They never advertise themselves as brilliant. Take for example when I showed Prof Trevor Robbins my findings from a group of patients with the behavioural variant […]